Let’s call it day.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!~~~ Let’s get to my day xD…..I only slept for 6 hours. My plan was to sleep 7-8 hrs. It’`s for myy beauty 😀 LOL.Anyways, guess why i woke up so early. Because my dad called me up to go shopping (i planned that since last week XD). When we got there, it was freakn closed D:< we decided we’ll go tomorrow. So we went back & start on the turkey :3 later on, the turkey wazz ready & i started to eat it XD it was so good *.* Okayy..let’s jump to another story x3

Hm… i’m gonna be covering for Bonni in Resonant Blue so look forward for that dub^^~~& i’ll be mixing for it too 😀 I’m (and Doki :D)trying to be a good mixer. Demo..Michiyo doesn’t think so XD ne, Michi-chan? XD! LOL. Anyways, how was you guys Thanksging? Good? Bad? Msg me on YT 😉 byyeeee now 😛


~ by Cherry on November 28, 2008.

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