Kyaa!~we went shopping today! ^^ it wazz pretty fun! & tiring…XD well anyways, i got addicted to this song called “Meripin Xmas” all becasue of Doki-chan!~ XD LMAOO! She said we’re gonna dub it for the holiday! :3 i listened & listened then BAAAAM! I started to fall inlove with the song! It’s such an awesome song for Christmas! Or Xmas xD . Sayumi & Koharu rocks here! ;3 Koharu’s first ‘Why? Why?’ wazz ADORABLE! A little better than Sayu’s. But she still rock my socks! Anyways,here..i’ll post it for you to see it :DD it’s not really a PV but it’s like a bonus song. You can see the live duet version if you type Meripin Xmas. They both look kawaii~~but i thought Sayu was better in the live version. Anways, sorry i talked too much >>” HERE YOU GO! :DD Wait…i wanna tell you something!! Wooooooops, nevermind XD enjoy the Meripin Xmas video! (I’m a VERY random girl so i jump to other subjects A LOT.)

It’s a good song ne? NE? NE?! 😛 LOL. I’m just gonna make this post short(or long .______.) okieee? Byeeee ;3


~ by Cherry on November 29, 2008.

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