3 more days until Christmas! YAAAY!~ Waaah~~my dog is sleeping right now x3 she look so cute!^^ Mikanz Koubou from Akai Project Special Generation is released! Just released yesterday! ^-^ i`m having a headache after looking at my brother’s laptop screen like all day x_x the desktop screen is way better .___. i tried to mix Shiawase Generation’s Piriri to Yukou 😀 It was pretty hard mixing Chinami’s part..i couldn’t download it D: okay..so…there are new members who just joined KK. & it’s pretty cool XD Anyways, what are you guys doing for Christmas? ^_____^ I’m just probably going to Christmas in the park. Is anyone going? You guys might see me if you live in San Jose XD Well, i just recorded a Minna no Tamago fandub :3 i hope this is a better one 😀 I promise i will put it up somewhere this week ;3 okiee? Well, that’s all the updates! Byeeee!


~ by Cherry on December 23, 2008.

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