Like the title said : HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!~<33 As usual, my dog is sleeping x3 she was scared of the fireworks so she try to hide but i stopped her xD Now she is sleeping inside my desktop’s table :3 kawaii deshou ne?! So, what’s you guys resolution for this year? I’d like to know! Oh wow…I’ve spent my whole year dubbing on Youtube ;3 okay, well, maybe not 1 year yet but we can wait until April 25 😉 10 days after Daiki’s birthday xDDD! :]] I’m really looking forward to go on my camp this year :]] It’ll be so awesome! OH! My bff just called me like..8 mins after New Year to say Happy New Year xD Well, isn’t that obvious?! LOL. So today..i mean yesterday..I’ve been listening to weeeek by NewS & Yamapi is HOT. XDDDD He is! I was addicted to him like a long time ago :3 Anyways, i hope ya’ll have an awesome New Year! Btw, My goal is to become a good singer just like Micchi (micchichanpyon), Nami (JPNSinger101), Shinju (SHINJU1993), & any other good singers~ anyways, happy new year!


~ by Cherry on January 1, 2009.

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