I’m not sure if i spelled the title right x3 but oh well. bacause i’m bored, imma post who’s my favorite in each H!P group :3

But before we get to that, i just finished watching LIFE 2 days ago & it was awesome! If you haven’t watch it, please do :] Saki F look EXACTLY like Miyabi .___. Saki is actually really pretty. Just her freggin attitude made me hate her character. LIFE is all about bullying & raping (ew i hate that Sako dude so much.) I’m currently listening to LIFE by Mika Nakamura (i think that’s her last name o.o) NVM! I just checked & i spelled it wrong xD so i’m editing! 😀 It’s Nakashima. I got confused o___O anyways, so i want you guys to hear it too ^^

She has an awesome voice doesn’t she?! The song always reminds me of the drama & make me feel kinda sad. Anyways, let get to the point of my fav H!P members :]]

Starting from the current Morning Musume:
(not in order in all of the them btw)
Eri Kamei
Sayumi Michishige
Ai Takahashi

Chisato Okai
Mai Hagiwara

Berryz Koubou:
Okay, i like them all. But the members i like mostly are
Miyabi Natsuyaki
Chinami Tokunaga
Yurina Kumai
Maasa Sudo

I guess that’s it o.o LIFE is so good!~ you HAVE TO watch it if you haven’t.


~ by Cherry on January 21, 2009.

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