Today was one of the worst day EVER. I’ll never forgive her. ANYWAYS~~ listening to LIFE by Mika is so good ^-^ ehh~ i’m going back to VN soon! ^^ that means i might be on hiatus soon. Maybe. I just hate my dad’s boss/supervisor so much >< i’m so sorry, i don’t have much pictures. Actually, i don’t have ANY picture. Gomen ^^;; I’ll be recording Furusato (Tsuji/Mari ver). My parent found out i sing .__. haha ? I’m so tired~~

Well, i’m grounded. I can’t go shopping (OMGG!!!!!), or go to the movies. I hope this will end soon. I feel really bad for my family today. I hope God will give me a whole new better life. Ewww, i’ve been getting mosquitos or sumthing bites o.o its so nasty!! >> my dog smelled like oranges :]]

WAHH!!!~ Did you guys know i’ve been into Tegomass these days?! Tegoshi is soooo cute! It all started when i watched NewS Weeeek. I saw Yamapi & he was hawt! (no surprise) then i started to fall inlove with Tegoshi >w< he’s so cuuuute! OH! & Massu is kawaii too :] Massu’s solo in Weeeek is so dreamy :]

HEY! Did you guys see the HORRIBLE pic a mysterious user uploaded or Crunchyroll?? IT’S TERRIBLE!! It’s a pic of Ryosuke & know xDD  but it claims to be Shun & Matsujun. I believe it’s either of 4. So don’t ever believe in rumors. I hope the Miyabi rumors are over already.

Okay, thats all for today ^^ cya!~ oh, & if you wanna see the horrible pic of  “so-rumored-Ryosuke&Yuto” don’t ask me cuz i won’t show it. I don’t want to spread rumors about HSJ. I would never betray them o__O they’re hot! NO WAY i’m betraying them! They’re my ichiban.


~ by Cherry on January 31, 2009.

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