No reason for why i did the title like that xD Soooo…did anyone ask you guys to be his Valentines? :] I wanna know šŸ˜€ PM me on YT if you want ;] there is like 1 person asked me but not sure if I should say yes .. XDD . Ok.. so i just watched Karu-chan’s “10 things pisses Karu” or whatever the title is ._. it seem really funny xD … I READ NONO’S BLOG!! It’s sooooo entertaning!! I LOVE all of her pictures! Loaded with Noa xD & her too šŸ˜€ so many pics o__o & it’s supeeeeeer kawaii!~~ Her phone is my dream .__. ehh~ the graduation is coming T___T I dun want the elders to graduate!!! ….. Nono has big eyes now XD;; OOH!!

Yurina is SUPPPPEEEERRR tall!

I LOVE HER PHONE!! So sparkly xD

This gotta one of my fav pic šŸ˜€

Eri looks so cute *-* Chisa & Chinami’s hair grew too šŸ˜€ & Miya’s hair got shorter since she cut it xDD The sprakles in Koharu’s hair is pretty šŸ˜€ Me likey :]]

Ok.. I heard Chinen’s solo (or something from HSJ) just came out šŸ˜€ I saw Daiki ;P so that’s why i’m gonna watch it!! ^^ Bye bye~~

EDIT: WAITTT!!!! I forgot to tell you guys my duet of Minna no Tamago with Ina-chan will be release soon! So please look forward to it! ^^


~ by Cherry on February 5, 2009.

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