New updates!

Well~ like i said yesterday..Minna no Tamago the duet is out! Featuring Cherry & Ina!! Wow..i got to say.. THIS IS THE MOST FANTASTIC DUET EVEEEERR!~ ^^Well, if you go on my direct youtube homepage, it’s on the right ^^ please comment/fav/rate/vote/playlist, everything! ;D

Woah o.o I finished my hw early for the first time ever. YES. Early. I usually do my hw like.. @ 10:30  xDD but this time, instead, i did it 8 fourtyfive :] Awesome deshou? I just found out Nono owns a baby designing clothes line! It`s called ‘Baby’s Ribbon’ or something. I forgot. You can get more info on hello online. & check out her blog!

Aibon seem to be grown up now T-T poor Aibon.. 11 months of house arrested. Hair fallen, lose weights, & no periods. I feel really bad for her. But at least it’s getting kinda better now ^^ What is up with her photoshoots?! It’s all matured & she looked sexy o___o;;; she’s suppose to be ‘kawaii’. Well, she still is. Just not in those mags.

Sorry if these sections kinda bored you. But it’s your fault for reading. ;] Well, today, i had the funniest day. But since this is my groupdub blog, i can`t tell a lot of my personal life lol lmao xDD adios now! Sowwiee for no piccies. Maybe next time if i ever blog.


~ by Cherry on February 6, 2009.

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