Friday the 13th

Yes, today is Friday the 13th. No, not the movie -__- some people are going to see ScaryJason. Woah o-o it’s a scary title for a movie. I hate horror films/movies/ >< well, today wasn’t THAT bad. Except for my friend :[ he broke his arm! D: I feel super bad for him! Hope you get better!!  & There is also another girl who used to go to my school is having her surgery today. Ganbatte ne! ^^ hope everything goes well.

HAPPY EARLY VALENTINES!! Yup, since tomorrow’s Valentines, i’m going to the Japanese Garden (aka Kelly Park) with my brother & his gf. ^^ His gf ill make sushi 😀 Yes, i know xD So japan-ish.

Okay. So i heard that Momusu is coming to California!! In Anime Expo (sumthing xD) . Isn’t that awesome?! I’ve got to go see their concert!! <33 Well, i’m logging out now<33 peace! ^^


~ by Cherry on February 14, 2009.

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