HAPPY VALENTINES!! :3 in the last post from yesterday, i forgot to mention that Dakishimete Dakishimete came out like couple of days ago! It’s a really good addicting song! I dun know why people hates it just becus it’s kinda related to Pepper Keibu o-o it’s better then Monkay Dance & MADAYADE. Chinami look AMAZINGG in the PV! & Miya too. Mostly all but yeah, you get my point xD WOW. I can’t get enough of Miya & Risako’s “Dakishimete Dakishimete” . & mostly, Miya’s solo after the Dakishimete :3 it’s very addicting!!

I went to the mall today for Valentines! I also saw a lot of ppl who goes to my school :3,there is a Valentines party WHICH i’m not going to. Instead, i’m staying home blogging. Hope you ppl have fun :]  & yeah, i went to my bro gf’s house to eat some sushi :]] it’s homemad ;] omgg, today, my bro & I thought it would be hot outside since the sun looked warm. But it was FREEZING LIKE POPSICLES. Well, that’s it for today!! ^^


~ by Cherry on February 15, 2009.

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