A super-uber long post.

It’s been 2 months since i wrote in this blog. Maybe because i was on my trip ;D Sorry if i haven’t turn a lot of lines in yet. But, please PM me on youtube!

Ok.. so in this trip, i went to Vietnam ;D IT WAS FANTASTIC! I have A LOT of pics to show you guys! I hope i can come back  to VN in the summer. Or else i have to nothing do T_____T

Okay first, i’ll tell you my story & then pictures.Sorry i only remember 3 stories ahahaha.

March 2,2009 – The first day in VN, when i just got off the airplane, i saw my family. They came to pick us up from home. There were Anh Ti, Anh Hao, chi Nghia,anh Nghia, bac Hung, bac Thang,bac Ngoc, & i forgot … it was sooooo freaking hot outsite the airport!! So i got home, everything seemed very different. I looked around xD Then went online to chat with my brother. Then i got downstairs & slept. When i woke up, i saw Bo, he’s my nephew. He’s grown up but pretty annoying sometimes. He said i’m cool ;D At night, my cousin, Bingo walked me to Hoa Huong Duong. That’s the milk tea store. The first time! In there, there was an air conditioner & it felt sooo good! We talked about our personal life & stuff. Then we went home. She is such a fun cousin. She’s a funny dork ^^When she was small, she was already a dork. & she still is now, even though she’s 18 xD when i left,she was 13 yrs old xD. I love Bingo :3

On March 22, 2009 – In the morning, i went Saigon to eat breakfast. (we usually eat breakfast outside somewhere every morning) Then, i went shopping with my cousin at Ha Gattini. Her name is Chi Nghia. She spent like..$50 on me since she’s rich. She thinks i’m very lovable :3 later, we went to this place named Tam. I got my hair washed. It was expensive o-o At night, i went to eat sushi with my cousin. His name is Anh Ty. Anh Ty & his gf, Xie hao (she’s chinese) drove me to a sushi bar called Sushi Express. It was VERY expensive! $2 for 1 pc of sushi o___O;; But he’s rich too so you get my point xD. After eating, we went to the cinema. We watched Marley &  Me. At first, Anh Ty wanted to watch The Unborn O:  When it was the trailer previews of upcoming movies, it showed The Unborn. When i saw it..i was scared xD. My face just duh out. So Anh Ty pinched my cheeks & chuckled. He usually pinches my cheeks xD. In Marley & Me, it was really funny! Xie Hao & I cried at the end because it was sooooo sad!! I asked Anh Ty if it he cried & he’s like ‘almost..’ xDDD He’s funny. When i got home, i was hoping we’d meet each other again. They promised me we’d watch Monster vs Aliens. But then, they made a mistake. It will show on April 3. Which is today. & I’m in San Jose T-T

March 28,2009 – In the morning, my parents came to visit my grandma because her foot is really weak. I woke up & see no one. I was mad.Then, my cousin said he’d drive me to -18c for breakfast. It’s a place with food & milk teas xD I order a milk tea with pearls & 2 plates of sushi becuase the first one is very small for 8 pcs. It’s only $2 for both plates xD My cousin order Fried rice & milk tea with pearls like me ;D In the afternoon, I was texting Anh Ty ;] He said he’d take me out for dinner & he did. But at first, we went to eat Yogurt. It was expensive. Mine was Chocolate, mixed with strawberries & cherries. When i tasted it, it tasted like chocolate because the chocolate flavor is very strong, that’s what Xie Hao said xD. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good~ Anh Ty told me a very funny story when he was a child xDDD .After that, we went to a place contains with Italian Ice Cream called Goody. I’ve been to a place with Italian Ice Cream but the place was called Monte.. Risa is think? Idk but it was something Monte xD;; When we were fimnished, we took pics ;D He’s cute & cool. I guess that’s it for today. <33

These are gonna be all the milk tea store i’d never forget.

– Not Hoa My~ (0 c)

– Hoa Huong Duong (the first store i went on March 2)

– Am 18 do. Minus Eighteen Decrease. (-18c)

Okay, time for pictures. A Lot. I might not put all the pics in one collum so i’ll finish this with a lot in posts. Btw, the worst part about going to VN is i never got to visit my best neighbor because she moved. & also, i stayed for some days so it sucked. I could’ve be out thoses days.

Look at the bottom for more info about each pic xD & click the pic for bigger view :]

I’m going down. Start with the dog ^^

1st: See the dog, it’s really cute! But if you ever get close to it, it’ll bite you. xD

(bottom) 2nd: At the wedding. The first meal they brought out. I love the bird xD It’s made out of carrots :3 of course no one ate it ;P

3rd: Those are yummy :3

4th: The bird my dad finally took a pic of! I tried but it kept flying around!

5th: Waaah!  Little Tim ❤ he’s adorable!

6th: 3 stinky feet XD the one with the white flowers is my foot ;3

7th: Mine & my cousin’s feet ;D

8th: That’s the girl with the feet above & also the one with the foot in the middle xD her name is Bingo :3

9th: After putting luggage inside the airport, we bought drinks in the store near the airport xD I drank 7UP & ate a sandwich.

(going up-left)10th: My cousin & I were both bored. So we decided to make a dish full of fruits ;D

11th: She’s awesome!~ She’s the one that made the fruit dish with me :3

12th: YUMMY!

13th: Excuse me for the feet xD That’s what Bingo gave me one day before going to the airport cuz she couldn’t make it. March 31st.

14th: My cousin took this pic of my face too close xD

15th: That’s Bingo xD

16th: Teeeheee

17th: Cute pic, huh? xD

More pics coming soon! Sorry for this super duper long post xD

Wow, i spent from 10:30pm to 12:03am on this blog xD

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITO!! He’s 16 now <33  It was on April 1st xD I didn’t prank anyone =|

Hope you like the pics cuz i enjoyed it xD I really enjoyed my trip. This has got to be the bestest bestest aweomest year ever. I will never forget this year at all. Never ever & ever.

March 2 – April 1.  Unforgetable Memories<333333


~ by Cherry on April 3, 2009.

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