I’m bored..

Yes, it’s true. I’m really bored T.T

Kyaaa! Go look at Nono’s blog! The nephew & Noa-tan are so kawaii ^^

*yawn* i’m so tired. I’m eyes are hurting -.-”

Now i wanna start a new groupdub ._____.



If only something exited happen in my life…

I wanna go to Momusu concert so bad T-T

But not enough money D: i only have $100 & i only wanna spend half of it ! I need the other half for other stuffs D:

If only the world was full of money D;


Ne ?


I’ve got to find a solo in a H!P concert -.-”

.. fast.

I have like 3 days to find it D’;

That’s it ~ byeee.



~ by Cherry on April 18, 2009.

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