kyaa ^0^

Teehee xDD more piccies!!^^
But before that, i’ll tell you stuffs to update^^
I’m gonna have a duet with Nanimox3 so please look forward to it^^
My duet with Leyah is still in progress :3
Please check it out when they both released!!
Dakishimete Dakishimete groupdub is out ^0^
it’s on gigixlove account! Check it out & comment/rate it! ^^


On Friday, it was freezing cold!!

If you take off my hoodie, you will see my horrible BIG hair xDD

I went to Walmart yesterday ^0^
the weather was so bad ><” it was dark!! & it rained few hours later-

Inside Walmart ^0^

I got McDonald’s small drink xDD i was sooooo thirsty!!

Before going to Walmart, we went to the market! This is one of my favorite food xD check it out! If you ee this in a market, you should try buying it~ it’s really really really tasty!^^

Today, my brother drove me to Tapioca Express & i got crispy chicken ^00^
It’s delicious!!!

Oishii!!!! >w<

If you look closer at the’ll be like this!! ;D
Look at the logos stuffies xDD

Look inside the bag xDD I ate some of the chickens xDD

It smells awesomeeeeee ^O^
look at my bite xD


~ by Cherry on May 4, 2009.

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