May & random stuffs

TODAY IS MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY ^^ yaaay!! I love you Mommy!!! Sepaking of May.. It’s almost my brothers birthday!! & mine too ^0^ Airu’s [airuchu] birthday is one day after my brother’s ^0^ remember to go wish her a happy birthday!!

HOORAAAY!!! Today is the end of testing :3 no more tests until next year!!! CONGRATUATION TO MEEEE :3 the tests weren’t that hard xD i was reallyyyyyyy focused! :3 i really hope i did good ^^;;; i hope at least i got an A or B :3 (i usually get B’s;; i talk about this with Doki x3)

Wow..i’ve expierienced 1 year of singing but i still sucked ;3; i tried hard though! I’ll keep trying my best desu~ !

Look out for my minimoni dub of CRAZY ABOUT YOU! The cast are me as Aibon, Kitti as Nono, A-chan as Mika, & Kappa as Ai :3

Kappa is graduating H!P D: she was so awesome D: i hope she keep up with study & everything will be good ^^~

I’ve finished Zettai Kareshi SP!!!!!! It was soooooo sad!! T.T;; i crieddd! eh.. the ending really confused me!! @.@

So after Zettai Kareshi, i sarted watchig Smile. Matsujun is in there!! ^0^ He look really cute ;D you guys should check it out!! There’s also Yui Aragaki. She’s one of my fav ^0^ i love Koizora~ & a lot of her dramas/movies ^00^

Be sure to check out Smile!! It was recommend by Haylee since she love Matsujun ;D

Well, i guess that’s it! Buh~bye^^

PS: remember to check out groupdubs that i’m in :3



~ by Cherry on May 6, 2009.

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