Well~ i think i have pics for you guys ^^ yesterday, in order to celebrate both of my mom & my brother’s birthday…. my family & I went to a buffet! after eating, i was SOOOOO full!! It felt like my stomach was about to explode xD;;; Like…after few minutes, my stomach felt okay..a little bit xD so i got up & went make myself an ice cream cone ^0^ it was delicious!!!! I got chocolate ice cream (: i was pretty hyper after… x]] so now, look at my ice cream! It looked so perfect ^___________^ so i’d like to share ^0^

Picture 283

The upper part looked so long xD but it was delicouss~~ after eating the ice cream; i was super uber duper full!!!!!! V.V if you make me laugh, i’d throw up T.T;; soorrieeeeeee if i said that while you were eating xD .___.;; i guess that’s it for today ^0^ byee~in or


~ by Cherry on May 17, 2009.

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