One fun day

Well, it all started when i woke up. My brother was making me going to his gf’s birthday party so i decided why not? When i got there, we were the first one. Later on, there were 20 something ppl showed up. Sure thats a lot but some are boring. At the middle of the day, some of the boys were acting funny (& yes, they are funny) & i actually had fun a tiny tiny tiny bit. Later on was my fav part. We went ICE SKATING! It was suppose to be roller skating but it was closed for some team practice. I mean, who practices roller skating?! Anyways, so instead, we went ice skating! It was my first time so i didnt know anything yet. Later on when i got on the ice, i tried to roll over but i failed o-o i was’s so slippery!! I tried to get the hang of it but i couldn’t! My brother said to enjoy my time but it was hard & i couldn’t skate! I tried & tried .____.;; After 30 mins, i was holding on the holding thing & started to skate, & i did it! Then the guy in the speakers said it’s timed out so we had to get out of the rink o_o;; OH! & my bro & his friends helped me get in the center so i can take a picture xDD Did i mentioned i saw Sharks playing hockey? XD


~ by Cherry on December 30, 2008.

One Response to “One fun day”

  1. XD
    I like your blog, it’s entertaining. o-o

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